Ying Thai Massage หญิงนวดแผนไทย in Chiang Mai

Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage
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Ying Thai Massage หญิงนวดแผนไทย

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Latitude: 18.80053888888889 Longitude: 98.98355833333333
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  • CM Suki Sam Rot

    Suki Yaki Buffet;Korean Style BBQ
    98 m
  • Meuang Dong

    Korean Style BBQ
    100 m
  • Auto Detail

    Car Wash;UV-Protection Film
    112 m
  • Tops Market Chotana
    Tops Market Chotana

    Large, well stocked supermarket that has many international foods and products including bread and cheese.

    156 m
  • Pongpot Swimming Pool
    Pongpot Swimming Pool

    A still popular private swimming pool that is in need of renovation. Very cheap but the cleanliness of the facilities leaves something to be desired. There are plenty of pools in Chiang Mai at stadiums, schools and hotels in Chiang Mai that offer a better environment and better value.

    Swimming Pools
    158 m
  • Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium

    Thai Boxing Stadiums
    159 m
  • Pao Yawi Seafood เป่ายวี่ช๊ฟูด
    Pao Yawi Seafood เป่ายวี่ช๊ฟูด

    Ambitions venture serving seafood. Probably no English menu. When it comes to seafood in Chiang Mai, high value sea fish and mussels most often fresh, while squid is sometimes preserved with chemicals. This will get better in the future with more and more seafood shipped to Chiang Mai.

    168 m
  • Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre
    Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre

    It's not about the ladyboys, they're all beautiful and put an enourmous effort into their appearance. It's about the choreographers, writers and directors of the show. This is hit and miss in Thailand, with more of the latter with the prior incarnations Simon Cabaret and Playhouse. The new Chiang Mai Cabaret Theatre may doing things right and for the entrance fee (200 Baht including a drink), it's an absolute bargain.

    Cabaret Shows;Transvestite Shows;Ladyboy Shows
    169 m
  • Narai Tong Herbs สมุนไพรนารายณ์ทอง
    Narai Tong Herbs สมุนไพรนารายณ์ทอง

    An established traditional Thai herb business. Not sure if English is spoken.

    Herbs;Traditional Thai Herbs
    181 m
  • Differ

    Hangout for students of nearby Ratchaphat University. Free entry. Can be interesting as an approachable typical Thai discotheque: Dark, loud music and friendly patrons.

    Restaurants;Discotheques;Live Music
    188 m
  • Chang Pueak Fire Brigade
    Chang Pueak Fire Brigade

    Firefighters in Chiang Mai are a lot less busy than in the past, as houses are now built with bricks instead of wood, and regulation calls for larger distances between buildings.

    Fire Brigade;Fire Fighters
    190 m
  • A.L.W. Cash POS

    Point of Sale Systems (POS)
    191 m
  • Loft Residence

    194 m
  • Asian Oasis Chiang Mai Office
    Asian Oasis Chiang Mai Office

    Runs some unique tour offerings and lodges, such as the Lisu Lodge

    Travel Agencies
    198 m
  • Pinkaew ปิ่นแก้ว UPDATE 2017
    Pinkaew ปิ่นแก้ว UPDATE 2017

    Large massage place with sauna. Now renovated well managed and good value for money.

    Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage
    202 m
  • Papa's Cup

    204 m
  • Arch 39 Art and Craft Hotel
    Arch 39 Art and Craft Hotel

    Also has dorm rooms.

    207 m
  • Baan Famuy Theatrical Performance
    Baan Famuy Theatrical Performance

    Not sure about the English ability. Traditional instruments are also taught.

    Traditional Thai Dance Schools;Northern Thai Dance Schools
    218 m
  • Clinic Dr. Jamruek

    Ear, Throat, Nose Doctors;Allergy Clinics
    219 m
  • Mercure Hotel Chiang Mai

    221 m

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