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Property agent and car rental catering mainly to Korean customers.

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Jung Property - Jung Carrent

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Latitude: 18.7848723 Longitude: 98.97816944444445
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  • Charoen Aquatic Center
    Charoen Aquatic Center

    This is the store for all your aquatic needs. If you don't find stuff for your aquarium here, you probably won't find it in Chiang Mai.

    Aquariums;Aquarium Supplies
    18 m
  • Buonanotte Chiangmai
    Buonanotte Chiangmai

    Newly opened in 2016, at a so-so location.

    23 m
  • Toe Karaoke Club เธอ
    Toe Karaoke Club เธอ

    Karaoke Clubs are ripoff dens for the uninitiated. Quick primer: Hostesses are paid per half hour or hour (about 250 per girl per hour in early 2015) to sit with guests. Drinks don't have to be purchased for the hostess inspite of their insistence. Buying "lady drinks" is a money pit. The mamasan (girl's manager) may expect a tip for suggesting girls. Don't spend hours in these places and obey the number one rule for bars: Don't fall in love with a girl. Pretty Woman does not exist. Further reading is here and here. And another 2015 example: Twodrunk aussies are bad news everywhere and will get into trouble in Thailand regardless, but here both sides were in the wrong.

    Karaoke Clubs
    23 m
  • Sapa Joom ซะป๊จุ่ม

    Korean Style Barbecue;Korean Style Pork Soup (Moo Joom)
    49 m
  • Chinese Book Shop

    Chinese Book Shops;Chinese Language Schools;Thai-Chinese Translation Services
    61 m
  • Anurak

    Pet Stores;Aquariums;Pet Fish
    64 m
  • Healthy Fish

    Pet Stores;Aquariums;Pet Fish
    66 m
  • NN

    Pet Stores;Aquariums;Pet Fish
    73 m
  • NN

    Pet Stores;Mice;Rats;Hamsters;Rabbits;Sugar Gliders
    76 m
  • The X Station Chiang Mai
    The X Station Chiang Mai

    Cool name for an aquarium vendor.

    80 m
  • The Yoga Tree
    The Yoga Tree

    Yoga at reasonable rates. Meditation is trumped by business interest here, so you better go to a temples to meditate.

    Yoga Schools;Yoga Studios
    86 m
  • NN

    Snakes in small glass boxes on tables, probably not good for animal lovers.

    Pet Stores;Cafes
    87 m
  • Best Bagel - Best Wine House
    Best Bagel - Best Wine House

    Is it 'Best Bagel' or 'Best Wine House' or what? Remember business owners: Without a clear name, it's impossible to talk or reason about your business, to find it online or build a social media presence.

    Bagels;Wine Bars
    122 m
  • Cham Cha Hostel

    125 m
  • Pachkit (Pa Ja Git) Bed & Breakfast ภีชกิจเฮ้าส์ Villa Area
    Pachkit (Pa Ja Git) Bed & Breakfast ภีชกิจเฮ้าส์ Villa Area

    It's pronounced "Pa Ja Git". Very friendly staff and reasonable rates with good decoration, but the area is towards the mountain, not the tourist areas. This maybe an advantage for some.

    Guesthouses;Villas;Bed and Breakfast
    125 m
  • Yimtech Fitness

    Fitness Machines;Workout Equipment
    134 m
  • Mengrai Kilns
    Mengrai Kilns

    One of the oldest and most innovative celadon and ceramics makers in Chiang Mai. Prices are reasonable. However, this one of the first companies to realize that arts and crafts of this standard are artwork, and should be priced accordingly.

    Ceramics;Arts and Crafts;Celadon
    138 m
  • K.T. Art Gallery by Kru Tep
    K.T. Art Gallery by Kru Tep

    One of the oldest propert art galleries in Chiang Mai.

    Art Galleries;Art Schools
    138 m
  • Mixology

    Hipster Cocktail Bar, nuff said.

    Cocktail Bars;Burgers
    158 m
  • P.P. Backpacker House

    171 m

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