Thai Traditional Medicine Center in Chiang Mai

Thai Traditional Medicine;Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage
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Thai Traditional Medicine Center

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Latitude: 18.781563888888886 Longitude: 98.98531666666666
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  • ABC Mu Kata Chiang Mai Gate Branch
    ABC Mu Kata Chiang Mai Gate Branch

    Unlike other branches, this one closes quite early, at 2 am

    Mu Kata;Moo Gata;Restaurant;Korean Style BBQ
    19 m
  • Best hand job in town

    Car Washes;Car Wash
    26 m
  • Cha Payom
    Cha Payom

    For those who like that perverse Taiwanese tea concoction.

    Bubble Tea
    29 m
  • Paisarn Garn Fai Fah
    Paisarn Garn Fai Fah

    Very well stocked shop that has all manner of lamps, LED bulbs including dimmable ones.

    Electrical Fittings;Lamps;Led Light Bulbs;Dimmable Led Bulbs
    32 m
  • Porn Pai Sarn Electrical Appliances
    Porn Pai Sarn Electrical Appliances

    Traditional, well-stocked store that struggles against the cash-and-carry onslaught.

    Electrical Appliances;LEDs
    41 m
  • Chiang Mai Gate Fire Brigade
    Chiang Mai Gate Fire Brigade

    As the age of wooden houses comes to an end and there is more building regulation and stricter setback rules, there are a lot fewer fires than in the past.

    Fire Brigade;Fire Fighters
    50 m
  • Acer Service Center
    Acer Service Center

    The Acer Service Center moved from Huay Kaew Road and is now much bigger, commensurate with the success of the Acer brand in computers and mobile devices. Impeccably friendly and competent service, but spare parts are expensive.

    Service Centers
    73 m
  • LG Service Center
    LG Service Center

    A service center cluster appears to be developing on the Katam Corner of the moat. Acer and Canon are also nearby.

    Service Centers
    75 m
  • Watana Bumrungburi
    Watana Bumrungburi

    New, stylish-looking guesthouse.

    77 m
  • Puttatammasangpan

    Buddha Statues;Merit Making;Alms Bowls
    99 m
  • Putthatham Sonkaphan
    Putthatham Sonkaphan

    Buddha statues can be used as home decoration if placed correctly and consecrated by competent monks.

    Buddha Statues;Merit Making
    102 m
  • Sapsiri Mongkol
    Sapsiri Mongkol

    When buying antiques or other objects in Thailand, remember that Buddha images over 12 cm (about five inches) in size need a permit from the Fine Arts Department to be exported. All export of parts of Budha images (hands, feet etc.) are strictly prohibited to protect the statues on display in Thailand.

    Buddha Statues;Merit Making
    104 m
  • Singprasert Gym
    Singprasert Gym

    Long-established Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) gym. Finding an inner-city boxing gym of this size is becoming harder as many are replaced by more value-generating businesses.

    Thai Boxing;Muay Thai
    137 m
  • Karun Dental Clinic
    Karun Dental Clinic

    Dental clinics are mushrooming in Chiang Mai these days. Prices are low compared with western rates and the quality is usually quite high.

    Dental Clinics
    143 m
  • The Open House Chiang Mai

    146 m
  • Klang Fai Fa Branch

    Hardware Stores;Electrical Fittings;Lamps;Led Light Bulbs;Dimmable Led Bulbs
    173 m
  • Chom Chuen

    176 m
  • Canna Cards

    Wedding Dresses;Traditional Thai Wedding Dresses;Wedding Cards
    180 m
  • Suvarnabhumi Silver สุวรรณภูมิเครืองเงิน

    183 m
  • IDI Thai Massage

    Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage;Toksen Massage
    183 m

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