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At the beginning of the millenium, there were NO coffee shops in Chiang Mai, now they're on EVERY corner. This place is very new (opened in early 2015) so there isn't much feedback yet. Alas, if you buy five coffees, you presently get one free, making it six (!) coffees!

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Latitude: 18.7971027778 Longitude: 98.98634444444444
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  • Inndigo Guesthouse

    2 m
  • Changpuak Boutique House
    Changpuak Boutique House

    A new guesthouse with modern facilities like rain showers and fast WiFi. The location at Chang Puak Gate may not be ideal for all but the area has full infrastructure. It's about a 2 km (20 minute) walk to Thapae Gate, 30 mins to the Night Bazaar.

    16 m
  • Song Samai ทรงสมัย

    Custom Suits and Uniforms
    21 m
  • Monkol Barber
    Monkol Barber

    Excellent barber with bargain rates (80 Baht for a man's haircut in early 2015), clean and friendly.

    Barbers;Hair Dressers
    21 m
  • Photo Bug

    Photography Equipment
    26 m
  • The Fitness Experts

    Fitness Machines;Workout Equipment;Treadmills
    31 m
  • Home Sweet Home

    36 m
  • Zeromet Helmets
    Zeromet Helmets

    Largest selection of helmets in Chiang Mai at reasonable prices. "Professional standard" motorcyle helmets are still better brought from abroad as they are hard too find, too small and too expensive in Thailand.

    Helmets;Motorcycle Helmets
    39 m
  • Wittayu Sue Sarn
    Wittayu Sue Sarn

    Low profile shop that maybe able to get replacement parts for your HiFi and stereo equipment. It's amazing how well-stocked some of these small, highly-specialized shops can be.

    Audio Equipement;HiFi Equipment
    43 m
  • Xinzhi Books
    Xinzhi Books

    With the influx of Chinese tourists into Chiang Mai there actually appears to be a market for Chinese books.

    Chinese Book Stores
    44 m
  • Chang Puak Mosque
    Chang Puak Mosque

    There is a small muslim community in the Chang Pueak Gate area and this is their mosque.

    Mosques;Houses of Worship
    76 m
  • Meuang Thai
    Meuang Thai

    Cute little watch repair shop.

    Watch Repair
    86 m
  • CTK Mart
    CTK Mart

    Traditional supermarket that has a fine selection for Thai tastes.

    91 m
  • Valentine Bra Shop

    Lingerie;Bikinis;Pajamas;Pyjamas;Night Sexy Dress;Bodysuits;Bras;Silicone Bras
    100 m
  • Chang Puek Hospital
    Chang Puek Hospital

    Older, small, low-profile hospital that may be not all bad.

    Hospitals;Private Hospitals
    167 m
  • Chaithaworn Electrics

    Electric Fittings
    198 m
  • Chaithaworn Electrics 2017 Update

    Electric Fittings
    198 m
  • Achree Silver and Silk

    Thai Silk;Silver;Apparel;Silverware
    203 m
  • Luk Chine Moo
    Luk Chine Moo

    Nondescript hole-in-the-wall that has good food and friendly service.

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Guay Tiaw
    206 m
  • Chang Phuak Gate Guest House

    211 m

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