CM. Law Holding International Law Firm, Legal - Attorney - Business Consultant

CM. Law Holding International Law Firm, Legal - Attorney - Business Consultant

Thailand (English speaking lawyer/solicitor)

There are plenty of reasons to know of a good lawyer in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Chiangdao and a recent addition to the few reputable firms in the city is St.-Cm. International Law Firm. Their offices have three branches (Chiang Rai -Chiang Mai-Chiangdao), one located near Chiang Rai Police Station where you can find fully qualified lawyers ( speak English lawyer ) to take care of services such as registering a foundation, company, association or limited partnership; arranging government licenses and contracts; helping with matters such as arbitration, intellectual property and litigation, and delicate issues such as wills and family troubles. If you are planning on staying here long term it is certainly worthwhile having a lawyer you can trust and you should find that we are a useful firm to have in mind.

St.-Cm. International Law Firm is multi-service lawyer in Thailand with offices in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Chiangdao. The firm and its affiliates presently employ many lawyers to providing clients with high-quality not only legal advice and services but also business services. Especially, the lawyer can understand and speak English fluently.


Divorce Child Custody Family Law Fraud Law Notary Public Property Thailand Company Setup and Business Registration Will/Testament Litigation Criminal Law Civil Law

Tel.(Lawyer Speaks English) 086-4293063, 082-1907466 (Off.)053-718923 (Fax)053-718923


Chiang Rai branch: 488/6 Ratanakate Road. Ching Dao/Chiang Mai branch: 273 T. Chiangdao

11 December 2016
08 February 2017
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