Chiang Mai in the News

This is a collection of news articles about Chiang Mai in the international press:

  • Chiang Mai Chinese Favourite Now that was an easy-peasy low hanging fruit: Chiang Mai is the Best Destination for Chinese Tourists 2015, who woodda thunk? Update: Recently there has been a marked drop in arrivals from China, due to a government crackdown on "Zero Dollar Tours" as well as depreciation of the Yuan.

  • Retirement Experience Experiment Report at Huffington Post The blissful retirement lifestyle in Chiang Mai:

    • More active and much more affordable than in the U.S. (in fact, cheaper than most other places in the world)
    • Many exotic, interesting destination are close by (safe, affordable, and with great food, such as China, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia)
    • Didn't know there are thirty-thousand expats in Chiang Mai.
  • From Traditional City to Boomtown An optimistic view of Chiang Mai's future. The article makes many good points. However, the mainstay of the Chiang Mai economy will be low-grade services and tourism. It's hard to imagine that the conservative Thai elites will let the digital nomads currently in Chiang Mai build businesses and live there for the long term. As the current refugee saga shows, the mood in Thailand's aging elite is defensive and nationalistic, even racist. Tourist, alas, are welcome and will remain so.

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