Chiang Mai Map - Map of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai (understood here as the capital city, Amphoe Meuang, of the eponymous province) is located at 99 degrees East and 18.8 degrees North and serves as the undisputed center of Northern Thailand and Thailand's second city.

The map is centered on Thapae Gate, the Eastern gate of the moat that still circles the most ancient part of Chiang Mai. The square in front of the gate is the center of Chiang Mai and in some ways, of all of Northern Thailand. It is the location of many municipal festivities, especially during festivals such as Loy Krathong (coinciding with local festival Yi Peng in Chiang Mai) and Songkhran (Buddhist New Year April 13 -15) and New Year.

The city of Chiang Mai is growing rapidly and the "metro area" is home to around a million people as of 2012.