The Chiang Mai Tourism Boom

Chiang Mai is seeing an uprecendented tourism boom in recent years. The city has garnered many accolades in the international press. Negative comments are hard to find, most people have a very positive impression of Chiang Mai and make plans to returns. There are hardly any scams, ripoffs, crime or natural disasters to impair the travellers' experience.

Chiang Mai offers the perfect amalgam of location, climate, a friendly and welcoming local population, a friendly and welcoming expat community, growth prospects and infrastructure. All this on top on top of the magic of Thailand: Fantastic food, a rich Buddhist culture and a national character that is unmatched in terms of tolerance and friendliness.

"Lost in Thailand"

Most tourist to Chiang Mai are Chinese, and most of those are from mainland China. The trigger for this influx was the movie "Lost in Thailand" that came out in 2012.

It became the highest grossing film in China and held this position for several years. Since recently, you can watch this movie with English subs on YouTube.

The word about Chiang Mai subsequently spread in China and the boom of Chinese tourists is unrelenting.

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