Chiang Mai Railway Station January 2017

Chiang Mai Railway Station 2017

Chiang Mai Railway Station 2017 Panorama Preview

Chiang Mai Railway Station (Thai: สถานีรถไฟเชียงใหม่) is the terminus of the Northern Line of the State Railway of Thailand's network. It was opened in 1922, destroyed by Allied Bombs against the then occupying Japanese forces in 1943, and rebuilt in 1945. The trip to and from Bangkok has been possible since 1933.

As most railway stations in Thailand, the service is excellent, security is high and there aren't even many touts anymore (they concentrate on the busy airport now). A first class trip on the sleeper to Bangkok is still one of the most affordable such experience in the world.

Location Map

Latitude:18.78389638 Longitude:99.01689027
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