Blind Massage at Northern School for the Blind in Chiang Mai

Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage

Massage by students of the Northern School for the Blind Chiang Mai. There are several places in Chiang Mai offering massage by the visually impaired. Most of the online reviews point to other places.

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Blind Massage at Northern School for the Blind

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Latitude: 18.7876028 Longitude: 98.978579
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  • Blind Coffee & Bakery
    Blind Coffee & Bakery

    A new cafe run by students of the Northern School for the Blind, partly as vocational training. A cafe well worth supporting.

    15 m
  • Sor Barber

    57 m
  • Gai Lek ใกเล๊ก
    Gai Lek ใกเล๊ก

    Mostly noodle soups like Kuay Tiaow and Yen Ta Fo.

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Noodle Soups
    69 m
  • Pang Ping Nom Pan

    Milk Shakes
    69 m
  • The Canal Restaurants & Bar
    The Canal Restaurants & Bar

    Stylish restaurant at the Rim Resort

    Restaurants;Western Cuisine;Thai Cuisine
    72 m
  • Phu Wiang Guest House ภูเวียง

    74 m
  • The Rim Resort
    The Rim Resort

    A nicely styled new resort hotel at the western moat, away from the tourist areas. Solid four star standard with a nice pool and a good price.

    98 m
  • Go Salapao Yaowarat โก๋ซาลาเปาเยวราช
    Go Salapao Yaowarat โก๋ซาลาเปาเยวราช

    Looks more like an antiques shop, but is a restaurant serving (mostly) salapoa, rice flour dumplings.

    111 m
  • Dtai Lue ไตลื้อ
    Dtai Lue ไตลื้อ

    Probably the only Thai Lü store in Chiang Mai. Beautiful clothes and crafts.

    Ethnic Apparel;Arts and Crafts;Thai Lue (Lü) Clothes;Dtai Lü Arts and Crafts
    113 m
  • Bengility Academy
    Bengility Academy

    The atrocious state of Thai public school "education" forces many students to attend one of these to pass tests orthe university entrance exam. They sometimes are facing the same teachers who refuse to do any real teaching in the public school to make more money later in the day.

    Cram Schools
    117 m
  • Lam Him Kue (Lum Him Khue) ลำฮิมคือ
    Lam Him Kue (Lum Him Khue) ลำฮิมคือ

    Brilliant font design for the logo. Very popular Korean barbeque that has several branches in Chiang Mai and beyond.

    Restaurants;Korean Style Barbecue
    133 m
  • Pachkit (Pa Ja Git) Bed & Breakfast ภีชกิจเฮ้าส์ Hotel Area
    Pachkit (Pa Ja Git) Bed & Breakfast ภีชกิจเฮ้าส์ Hotel Area

    It's pronounced "Pa Ja Git". Very friendly staff and reasonable rates with good decoration, but the area is towards the mountain, not the tourist areas. This maybe an advantage for some.

    Hotels;Villas;Guesthouses;Bed and Breakfast
    136 m
  • May & Fay
    May & Fay

    A low-profile Thai Silk shop. Don't expect too much choice.

    Thai Silk;Silk Apparel;Silk Clothes;Silk Scarves
    136 m
  • Mixology

    Hipster Cocktail Bar, nuff said.

    Cocktail Bars;Burgers
    148 m
  • Chiangmai Driving
    Chiangmai Driving

    Until about ten years ago, driver's education was hardly known in Chiang Mai and most of Thailand. As long as you passed the very easy driving test, you would get your license. Or you just slipped the office 500 Baht, whatever seemed more convenient. This has since changed and some drivers' ed has to be certified. Not sure if this particular driving school has English instruction. You may try to call. Their vehicles are quite visible on the streets so they have some traction.

    Driving Schools
    157 m
  • Jantapinit Girls Dormitory
    Jantapinit Girls Dormitory

    Access for males is strictly forbidden. The police will arrest you.

    Student Dormitories
    162 m
  • Warachaya's Chamber วรัชยา

    Ethnic Fashion;Ethic Apparel;Tailors;Bridal Fashion;Traditional Thai Dresses;Traditional Thai Clothes
    164 m
  • B House Chiang Mai
    B House Chiang Mai

    New budget hotel with startup quirks and potential. The lobby is already nice and the rooms are fully furnished. Excellent value.

    165 m
  • Yimtech Fitness

    Fitness Machines;Workout Equipment
    174 m
  • Aod

    Traditional Thai Dresses;Thai Silk Attire;Traditional Thai Clothes
    182 m

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