Amulets in Chiang Mai

  • Lam Chang Pra Krueang

    Merit Making;Buddha Amulets;Buddha Statues
  • Phra Krueang Uncle
    Phra Krueang Uncle

    Buddha statues need a license to be exported from Thailand. They are therefore not suitable as souvenirs.

    Buddha Statues;Buddha Amulets;Buddha Images
  • Pong Pang Motorcycle Rental
    Pong Pang Motorcycle Rental

    In front is motorcycle rental, in the shop they seem to have amulets for sale.

    Motorcycle Rental;Amulets;Buddha Amulets
  • Thai Ang ไทยอ้ง
    Thai Ang ไทยอ้ง

    Ancient trinkets and Buddha amulets. Be sure to negotitate a good price and bring an expert along unless you're an expert yourself. Unlike larger Buddha images, Buddha amulets can be exported.

    Antiques;Buddha Amulets

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