Vegetarian Cuisine in Chiang Mai

  • Tein Sieng Vegetarian Food

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Vegetarian Food;Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Taa-Peng-Cat

    Cafes;Bakeries;Ice Cream;Restaurants;Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Krua Ruam Mitra

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Aum Restaurant

    Bars;Restaurants;Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Blue Diamond Restaurant/The Breakfast Club
    Blue Diamond Restaurant/The Breakfast Club

    Very popular restaurant serving Thai and Western food and some vegetarian and vegan dishes. Recently many complains about lackluster service and sub-standard food. This place serves Thai food adapted to western palates. It is not authentic. Service can be grumpy and slow. Perhaps check out the reviews on Tripadvisor and elsewhere.

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Western Cuisine;Vegan Cuisine;Vegetarian Cuisine;Vegan Restaurants;Vegetarian Restaurants
  • Penny Lane Hostel and Vegetarian Restaurant
    Penny Lane Hostel and Vegetarian Restaurant

    A startup guesthouse with a Beatles theme. Four bucks for a fan dorm bed (2014).

    Restaurants;Vegetarian;Vegetarian Cuisine;Guesthouses
  • Vegie Sist

    Restaurants;Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Jay Ganya
    Jay Ganya

    Restaurant claiming to not use MSG. That would be something.

    Restaurants;Vegetarian Cuisine
  • MaiPhai Cafe and Bar

    Restaurants;Bars;Cafes;Vegetarian Cuisine;Vegan Cuisine

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