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  • Zoe in Yellow Bar and SCAM WARNING!
    Zoe in Yellow Bar and SCAM WARNING!

    Very popular nightlife venue with an open bar and techno dance music. Sadly, the reasonable prices are offset by a few scammers behind the counters. Be very careful to always hand over the exact change for drinks (the only product available here). Large bills (500 THB or 1000 THB, the latter is the largest bank note in Thailand) should only be handed over if the drinks are an commensurate amount. Otherwise, it will be claimed that a smaller bill (such as 100 THB) was handed over and no change will be given. Rather, it will be stolen. Better yet, always have witness when stepping up to the counter. When a scam is performed, all remonstration is futile and so is contacting the police. Firstly, the place is owned by members of the Turkish "community" of Chiang Mai, many of them violent thugs who will not shy away from physical violence. Secondly, the police won't help you. There is no place in Chiang Mai with higher payoffs to the police than Zoe in Yellow. Fun can be had here, but be careful! And if you oppose corruption this place is not for you. Lastly, always check the latest Tripadvisor reviews before you go here.


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