Hair Dressers in Chiang Mai

  • Don Hair Stylist
    Don Hair Stylist

    Hair dressers and barbers belong to a largely unregulated profession in Thailand. Therefore it's often hit and miss and some practitioners couldn't care less about their job. It's advisable to consult friends and forums to find a competent shop.

    Hair Dressers
  • Hairdresser

    Hair cuts for a hundred, fortune telling with "gypsy cards " 49 Baht.

    Hair Dressers;Fortune Tellers
  • Make Over

    Hair Dressers
  • Masalon

    Beautiful salon, can't vouch for the service quality.

    Hair Dressers
  • Mirror Mirror

    Hair Dressers;Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage
  • Monkol Barber
    Monkol Barber

    Excellent barber with bargain rates (80 Baht for a man's haircut in early 2015), clean and friendly.

    Barbers;Hair Dressers
  • Tat Pom 30 Baht
    Tat Pom 30 Baht

    One-Dollar Haircuts. Get them while they last.

    Hair Dressers

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