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  • Toe Karaoke Club เธอ
    Toe Karaoke Club เธอ

    Karaoke Clubs are ripoff dens for the uninitiated. Quick primer: Hostesses are paid per half hour or hour (about 250 per girl per hour in early 2015) to sit with guests. Drinks don't have to be purchased for the hostess inspite of their insistence. Buying "lady drinks" is a money pit. The mamasan (girl's manager) may expect a tip for suggesting girls. Don't spend hours in these places and obey the number one rule for bars: Don't fall in love with a girl. Pretty Woman does not exist. Further reading is here and here. And another 2015 example: Twodrunk aussies are bad news everywhere and will get into trouble in Thailand regardless, but here both sides were in the wrong.

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