Boutique Hotels in Chiang Mai

  • Bodhi Sere Boutique Hotel

    Hotels;Boutique Hotels
  • Casa 2511
    Casa 2511

    A family home converted to a boutique hotel with just 8 rooms. Reasonable rates and good location.

    Hotels;Boutique Hotels
  • Makka Chiang Mai
    Makka Chiang Mai

    Quiet hotel at a central location. Pretty new, so staff may not always be up to par (yet).

    Hotels;Boutique Hotels
  • Wua Lai Boutique Hotel
    Wua Lai Boutique Hotel

    Wualai is still not a perfect location but it's up and coming and gentrifying quickly (now even featuring a Ryokan). This is a new boutique hotel option in the area.

    Hotels;Boutique Hotels

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