Fruit Shakes in Chiang Mai

  • Drink More
    Drink More

    Cool name and fresh fruit.

    Fruit Shakes;Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Coffee;Cafes
  • Juice Stand
    Juice Stand

    Nondescript stall that serves traditional Thai juices as well as fruit juices such as water mellon, pineappple, mango etc. This could be good. Be sure to say "No Sugar" / "Mai Ao Naam Taan".

    Fruit Juice;Fruit Shakes
  • Krua Daab Lop

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Fruit Shakes;Fruit Juices
  • La Mango
    La Mango

    Newly opened in late 2014, a great place for people watching (in the high season. Sticky rice with mango is served here with black rice, a better combo than the all-sweet white rice version.

    Cafes;Fruit Shakes;Smoothies
  • Memo Nimman

    Fruit Juices;Fruit Shakes;Durian Products
  • Thai Food Good

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Fruit Shakes

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