Tourist Attractions in Chiang Mai

  • Gold Palace
    Gold Palace

    NO idea what this is. It's in the grounds of the former women's prison. Gotta find out.

    Tourist Attractions
  • Museum of Insects and Natural Wonders Ratchadamnoen Branch
    Museum of Insects and Natural Wonders Ratchadamnoen Branch

    Branch of the main museum located in the Nimmanhaemin area. Run by a prominent biologist. The entrance fee is currently (December 2014) 100 Baht for Adults and 50 Baht for Children.

    Museums;Tourist Attractions
  • Three Kings Monument
    Three Kings Monument

    The Three Kings Monument comprises statues of important Northern Thai Kings: King Mengrai, the founder of Chiang Mai, King Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai, and King Ngam Mueang of Phayao. The monument is located in front of the Old Provicial Hall that has since been converted into an arts and culture museum. The square in front of the monument is the historical center of Chiang Mai and the original site of the city pillar, located at the erstwhile Wat Sadao Muang, the "Temple of the Navel of the City". Many festivals take place in the square and it's a popular skateboarding venue for the city's youth.

    Tourist Attractions

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