Musical Instruments in Chiang Mai

  • Freedomuku

    Musical Instruments;Guitars
  • Green Music
    Green Music

    Large and well-established music vendor with a large selection of instruments. Strat copies are available under 3000 Baht and practice rooms are 130 Baht an hour (Feb. 2015).

    Musical Instruments;Rehearsal Rooms;Band Practice Rooms
  • Ivory Sound
    Ivory Sound

    Catering to Chiang Mai's music-obsessed young. Also outfits music festivals and events with lighting and sound equipment.

    Musical Instruments;Band Practice Rooms;Rehearsal Rooms;Sound Systems;Lighting Systems
  • Mils Music

    Musical Instruments;Musical Instrument Repair
  • Music House
    Music House

    Interesting combination: A musical store with attached apartments, or vice versa.

    Apartments;Serviced Apartments;Music Stores;Musical Instruments
  • Pathorn Music

    Musical Instruments;Musical Instrument Rental;Rehearsal Rooms;Band Practice Rooms
  • Patorn Music

    Musical Instruments;Guitars;Guitar Repair;Musical Instruments Repair;Practice Rooms;Rehearsal Rooms
  • Siren Music

    Musical Instruments;Guitars;Musical Equipment

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