Love Hotels in Chiang Mai

  • Fa Pranee
    Fa Pranee

    Love hotels, Maan Rood ม่านรูด in Thai, are a dying breed in Thailand, as building permits are not issued for new properties and the old ones are making way for higher value buildings. Privacy is paramount here, guests drive in and a curtain is closed behind him to hide the vehicle. Then the room fee is paid in cash, it has been 300 Baht for "the whole night" or 60 Baht per half hour for many years. Beds don't have sheets unless it's winter and cold. There may be x-rated movies on the TV, although this has become less common in recent years. This also goes for companionship supplied by some establishments on request.

    It can be an interesting experience to spend 120 Baht for an hour at a Thai love hotel before they expire.

    Love Hotels;Short-Time Hotels
  • Ratree Hotel ราตรี
    Ratree Hotel ราตรี

    A relatively new and nicely designed love hotel with themed rooms. Most love hotels in Chiang Mai are quite run down, but this one may be one of the nicer ones judging from the outward appearance.

    Love Hotels;Short-Time Hotels

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