At Chiang Mai Hotel - @ Chiangmai Hotel in Chiang Mai

77/1 Ratvithi Road Sripoom

Lanna-style boutique hotel on Ratvithi Road.

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At Chiang Mai Hotel - @ Chiangmai Hotel

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Latitude: 18.7907472 Longitude: 98.9892
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  • Prawin Law Office
    Prawin Law Office

    One of the oldest law firms in Chiang Mai.

    Law Office;Legal Services
    37 m
  • Yupparat Wittayalai School
    Yupparat Wittayalai School

    One of the oldest most renowned schools in Chiang Mai

    62 m
  • Mr. Mechanic
    Mr. Mechanic

    Long established motorbike rental shop with large fleet and friendly service.

    Vehicle Rental;Car Rental;Motorbike Rental
    103 m
  • Nuad Thai House

    Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage
    109 m
  • Ton Hug Guest House

    118 m
  • Kabab House

    Restaurant;Indian Cuisine
    123 m
  • Archers Restaurant & Bar

    129 m
  • Plus Salad ร้านพลัสสลัด

    134 m
  • Lanna Folklife Museum พิพิธภัญ์พื้นถิ่นล้านนา

    135 m
  • Zoe in Yellow Bar and SCAM WARNING!
    Zoe in Yellow Bar and SCAM WARNING!

    Very popular nightlife venue with an open bar and techno dance music. Sadly, the reasonable prices are offset by a few scammers behind the counters. Be very careful to always hand over the exact change for drinks (the only product available here). Large bills (500 THB or 1000 THB, the latter is the largest bank note in Thailand) should only be handed over if the drinks are an commensurate amount. Otherwise, it will be claimed that a smaller bill (such as 100 THB) was handed over and no change will be given. Rather, it will be stolen. Better yet, always have witness when stepping up to the counter. When a scam is performed, all remonstration is futile and so is contacting the police. Firstly, the place is owned by members of the Turkish "community" of Chiang Mai, many of them violent thugs who will not shy away from physical violence. Secondly, the police won't help you. There is no place in Chiang Mai with higher payoffs to the police than Zoe in Yellow. Fun can be had here, but be careful! And if you oppose corruption this place is not for you. Lastly, always check the latest Tripadvisor reviews before you go here.

    138 m
  • Thai Latex
    Thai Latex

    Apparently popular with Chinese tourists. Has billboard with shipping information etc.

    Latex Products
    142 m
  • Royal India

    Restaurants;Indian Cuisine
    147 m
  • New Delhi

    Restaurants;Indian Cuisine
    152 m
  • Moonlight Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage

    Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage;Hair Wax;Manicure;Pedicure;GiGi Wax
    153 m
  • Ponganes Espresso
    Ponganes Espresso

    Sterile hipster place with goodish coffee, no WiFi

    155 m
  • Sumit Hotel

    156 m
  • Ska Party

    Discoteque;Bar;Live Music
    157 m
  • Three Kings Monument
    Three Kings Monument

    The Three Kings Monument comprises statues of important Northern Thai Kings: King Mengrai, the founder of Chiang Mai, King Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai, and King Ngam Mueang of Phayao. The monument is located in front of the Old Provicial Hall that has since been converted into an arts and culture museum. The square in front of the monument is the historical center of Chiang Mai and the original site of the city pillar, located at the erstwhile Wat Sadao Muang, the "Temple of the Navel of the City". Many festivals take place in the square and it's a popular skateboarding venue for the city's youth.

    Tourist Attractions
    158 m
  • Roots Rock Reggae

    Discoteques;Bars;Live Music
    159 m
  • Baan Chang Elephant Park Chiang Mai Office

    Elephant Camps
    170 m

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