Grill of India in Chiang Mai

Restaurants;Indian Cuisine;Indian Food
68-69 Prapokklao Road
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Grill of India

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Latitude: 18.78305888888889 Longitude: 98.98872166666666
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  • Kareena Tour and Travel

    Travel Agencies
    3 m
  • Jangmuang

    5 m
  • Smile Tour and Travel
    Smile Tour and Travel

    We like the shop design. Well done.

    Travel Agencies
    6 m
  • Jangmuang แจ่งเมือง Gallery House
    Jangmuang แจ่งเมือง Gallery House

    Pronounced Djaeng Mueang - Djäng Müang. Not obvious that this is a guesthouse as well.

    10 m
  • Bastard Tattoo Studio

    Tattoo Studios;Tattoo Parlors
    12 m
  • YouYou Home

    14 m
  • Drink More
    Drink More

    Cool name and fresh fruit.

    Fruit Shakes;Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Coffee;Cafes
    15 m
  • NN

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Fried Rice;Thai Food to Order
    17 m
  • Chaan Silp

    Foam Material;Fabrics by Yard/Meter
    25 m
  • Yang Panit

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Fried Rice;Thai Food to Order
    45 m
  • Mint House

    50 m
  • NN

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Fried Rice;Thai Food to Order;Smoothies
    51 m
  • Ivory Sound
    Ivory Sound

    Catering to Chiang Mai's music-obsessed young. Also outfits music festivals and events with lighting and sound equipment.

    Musical Instruments;Band Practice Rooms;Rehearsal Rooms;Sound Systems;Lighting Systems
    52 m
  • Green Music
    Green Music

    Large and well-established music vendor with a large selection of instruments. Strat copies are available under 3000 Baht and practice rooms are 130 Baht an hour (Feb. 2015).

    Musical Instruments;Rehearsal Rooms;Band Practice Rooms
    56 m
  • Huan Chao Bua Tip
    Huan Chao Bua Tip

    Good food and approachable for tourists.

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Fried Rice;Thai Food to Order;Smoothies
    58 m
  • Opal Studio

    Music Schools;Music Lessons;Guitar Lessons;Singing Lessons;Piano Lessons
    58 m
  • Sakamotoya

    Japanese Home Made Icecream;Japanese Deserts;Japanese Style Shaved Ice
    68 m
  • Pong Pang Motorcycle Rental
    Pong Pang Motorcycle Rental

    In front is motorcycle rental, in the shop they seem to have amulets for sale.

    Motorcycle Rental;Amulets;Buddha Amulets
    78 m
  • Phra Krueang Uncle
    Phra Krueang Uncle

    Buddha statues need a license to be exported from Thailand. They are therefore not suitable as souvenirs.

    Buddha Statues;Buddha Amulets;Buddha Images
    80 m
  • Tein Sieng Vegetarian Food

    Restaurants;Thai Cuisine;Vegetarian Food;Vegetarian Cuisine
    84 m

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