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  • Je Ooy Lanterns เจ๊อ้อย
    Je Ooy Lanterns เจ๊อ้อย

    A shop specializing in lighted lanterns, in Thai: โคมลอย, literally "Floating Lantern", released on many occasions and especially the Loy Krathong and Yi Peng festivals. Sadly, floating these lantern outside of festivities has been outlawed since early 2015, because ONE was ONCE caught in an airplane engine.

    Lighted Lanterns;Lanterns
    6 m
  • Sabai Gaai Massage

    Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage
    12 m
  • Laundry

    Laundry service with monthly flat rates or per item.

    Laundry Services
    15 m
  • Huen Huk Sa

    Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage
    22 m
  • Chiang Mai Advisor

    Law Offices;Lawyers;Money Changers
    36 m
  • Corner Bistro
    Corner Bistro

    New place that makes an effort in terms of ambience extending to the food. Another huge positive is the (extremely rare) opening time until midnight, especially great for tourists on home clock seeking a late dinner.

    Cafes;Restaurants;American Cuisine
    51 m
  • Varada Place
    Varada Place

    Low rates and a very Thai atmosphere with typical windows to the hallway. Check-out is an unusually early 10 am, so nightowls beware.

    62 m
  • Ma Prang Thai Language House
    Ma Prang Thai Language House

    Thai language tuition is booming in Chiang Mai and unlike others, this doesn't look like an visa hour mill.

    Thai Language Schools
    63 m
  • U26 Budget Hotel

    75 m
  • Grilli

    Startup place with burgers and other eponymous fare. Prices may be a bit high now but at least raises are while off.

    78 m
  • Bodybuilder

    Reasonably priced whey protein and other supplements.

    Bodybuilding Supplements;Whey Protein
    84 m
  • Huen Muan Jai เฮือนม่วนใจ๋
    Huen Muan Jai เฮือนม่วนใจ๋

    A little out of the way but a good choice to sample Northern Thai cuisine in a rustic setting.

    Restaurants;Northern Thai Cuisine
    108 m
  • Boyfriend Design By Maytawin

    149 m
  • Zzziesta Chiang Mai
    Zzziesta Chiang Mai

    Newly built boutique hotel with just ten rooms which enables more attention to individual guests. Location is leafy and cozy near the YMCA. Taxi drivers should also be directed to the YMCA, as it will take hours to explain the name of this hotel. As a side note, guest house and hotel names in Chiang Mai get ever more, well, interesting. At least this one could be dead last alphabetical lists for a while, until someone comes up with "Zzzzorie Full".

    173 m
  • Sabai Chai Massage

    Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage
    183 m
  • Know You Seed Co.

    195 m
  • Nara Apartment
    Nara Apartment

    Nice, clean building and good rooms at good rates (currently under 200 bucks a month, Jan. 2015) in a leafy area. Popular with long-term expats.

    236 m
  • YMCA Chiang Mai
    YMCA Chiang Mai

    Dominating an entire area, the YMCA has done a lot over the past decades to put Chiang Mai on the map. Alas, as with so many other places in Chiang Mai, the YMCA looks a bit worn and outdated inside. But it still works as budget accommodation in a good location with many acitivies. The YMCA Chiang Mai also houses a prominent language school where Thai is taught at bargain rates.

    239 m
  • Fresh Oranges from the Garden
    Fresh Oranges from the Garden

    Specializing in just oranges, but juices and shakes with other fruits may be available.

    260 m
  • Y Development Cooperation
    Y Development Cooperation

    Set up by the Chiang Mai YMCA as a handicrafs producer and exporter for skills development.

    Handicrafts;Arts and Crafts
    270 m

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