Tong Lim Suki Shabu in Chiang Mai

Suki Yaki;Korean Style Barbecue

Place with a plate of ingredients for 19 Baht (January 2015).

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Tong Lim Suki Shabu

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Latitude: 18.798886111111113 Longitude: 98.9796861111111
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  • Lovin' Secrets
    Lovin' Secrets

    New place at an airy location on Santhitham.

    18 m
  • Spicy Thai Backpackers
    Spicy Thai Backpackers

    Free standing house with large communal areas. Away from the bustle of the tourist areas. It's advisable to rent a scooter to get around town as walking from here is inconvenient.

    20 m
  • The Highlight House
    The Highlight House

    Newly renovated apartment building that is very popular with expats staying a few months. Good location in the Santhitham area.

    Serviced Apartments;Apartments
    48 m
  • Bikini Innerwear Shop
    Bikini Innerwear Shop

    Nice doll displays in front. The same building could also house "So Young 3D Eyebrows and Face Lifting". You could walk out of this place much improved.

    62 m
  • Ong's Thai Massage School

    Massage Schools
    74 m
  • Don Hair Stylist
    Don Hair Stylist

    Hair dressers and barbers belong to a largely unregulated profession in Thailand. Therefore it's often hit and miss and some practitioners couldn't care less about their job. It's advisable to consult friends and forums to find a competent shop.

    Hair Dressers
    78 m
  • Safe and Sound Hostel

    100 m
  • Baan Thalang บ้านถลาง ณ เชียงใหม่
    Baan Thalang บ้านถลาง ณ เชียงใหม่

    Not at the best location, but friendly owners and nice ambiance.

    112 m
  • Cheeva Spa
    Cheeva Spa

    Very popular, very professional high-profile place for spa treatments and massage. Not cheap, but very affordable compared with "developed" markets.

    Traditional Thai Massage;Oil Massage;Foot Massage;Face Massage;Spas
    126 m
  • Panda Education

    Chinese Lessons
    139 m
  • Y Development Cooperation
    Y Development Cooperation

    Set up by the Chiang Mai YMCA as a handicrafs producer and exporter for skills development.

    Handicrafts;Arts and Crafts
    144 m
  • Fresh Oranges from the Garden
    Fresh Oranges from the Garden

    Specializing in just oranges, but juices and shakes with other fruits may be available.

    150 m
  • Seven Senses
    Seven Senses

    Just seven rooms in the Santhitham/YMCA area, cozy and well located with friendly host and staff.

    155 m
  • Nara Apartment
    Nara Apartment

    Nice, clean building and good rooms at good rates (currently under 200 bucks a month, Jan. 2015) in a leafy area. Popular with long-term expats.

    180 m
  • YMCA Chiang Mai
    YMCA Chiang Mai

    Dominating an entire area, the YMCA has done a lot over the past decades to put Chiang Mai on the map. Alas, as with so many other places in Chiang Mai, the YMCA looks a bit worn and outdated inside. But it still works as budget accommodation in a good location with many acitivies. The YMCA Chiang Mai also houses a prominent language school where Thai is taught at bargain rates.

    184 m
  • Ratree Hotel ราตรี
    Ratree Hotel ราตรี

    A relatively new and nicely designed love hotel with themed rooms. Most love hotels in Chiang Mai are quite run down, but this one may be one of the nicer ones judging from the outward appearance.

    Love Hotels;Short-Time Hotels
    227 m
  • Regional Eduction Office

    Government Agencies
    244 m
  • Zzziesta Chiang Mai
    Zzziesta Chiang Mai

    Newly built boutique hotel with just ten rooms which enables more attention to individual guests. Location is leafy and cozy near the YMCA. Taxi drivers should also be directed to the YMCA, as it will take hours to explain the name of this hotel. As a side note, guest house and hotel names in Chiang Mai get ever more, well, interesting. At least this one could be dead last alphabetical lists for a while, until someone comes up with "Zzzzorie Full".

    263 m
  • Narai Tong Herbs สมุนไพรนารายณ์ทอง
    Narai Tong Herbs สมุนไพรนารายณ์ทอง

    An established traditional Thai herb business. Not sure if English is spoken.

    Herbs;Traditional Thai Herbs
    314 m
  • Fa Pranee
    Fa Pranee

    Love hotels, Maan Rood ม่านรูด in Thai, are a dying breed in Thailand, as building permits are not issued for new properties and the old ones are making way for higher value buildings. Privacy is paramount here, guests drive in and a curtain is closed behind him to hide the vehicle. Then the room fee is paid in cash, it has been 300 Baht for "the whole night" or 60 Baht per half hour for many years. Beds don't have sheets unless it's winter and cold. There may be x-rated movies on the TV, although this has become less common in recent years. This also goes for companionship supplied by some establishments on request.

    It can be an interesting experience to spend 120 Baht for an hour at a Thai love hotel before they expire.

    Love Hotels;Short-Time Hotels
    337 m

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